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Jennifer Tramontana

President, Fletcher Group LLC

I am a trusted partner for growth companies that are influenced by trends in tech, commerce and consumer behavior. At The Fletcher Group, where I am Founder and President, we create stories that connect with corporate and consumer audiences in payments, fintech, ecommerce and retail tech; industries that have grown to overlap and complement each other. I plan the content for three fintech and retail technology events and I'm the Executive Director and Founder of the Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization (CPPO). The Fletcher Group publishes its own research and thought leadership on these trends and companies turn to us for deep, actionable insights to inform their awareness and thought leadership strategy.

  • Posted on: 08/27/2020‘Culture is the fabric of resilience’: How Quontic Bank’s core values helped it navigate through the pandemic

    QuonticBank and Patrick Sells show us a great example of how strong cultures need to be adaptive in real life. Some new work from Jenny Chatman and Francesca Gino in HBR show that these types of companies can earn 15% more in revenue vs. peers who are less adaptable. This is great news for the disruptive fintech industry, well suited to quick pivots. But, you need to manage your highly adaptive and resilient workforce to avoid burnout in the WFH environment. It may have been fairly easy for tech companies to go remote but work-life balance is getting crushed. A lack of boundaries means work-from-anywhere has turned into work from all-day-and-night. Leaders must lead by example and find ways to ensure their employees aren't always-on or they risk wiping out any edge gained during the pandemic and ruining their adaptive venture.

  • Posted on: 08/12/2020Citizens Bank’s Beth Johnson: ‘Personal interaction remains important to customers’

    The data on business customers is really interesting - 90% want a bank to help them through their lifecycles and 73% have changed the way they bank to be more digital. These are huge percentages and don't bode well for the FIs that abandoned their SME clients with PPP loans. The vast majority of small businesses went with a new financial institution to get their loan (my company included) including community banks, smaller, regional banks and fintechs. Digital-only fintechs got a huge awareness and credibility boost overnight and this data suggests that they may be able to keep and grow this group of business clients.