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Duane Good

CoFounder & President, Tribal Credit

25+ years of leadership experience at the intersection of technology and financial services. Co-Founder & President at Tribal Credit where we remove financial barriers for start-ups in emerging markets. Co-Founder & President at, leading AI and scoring platform for VCs and startups. Extensive experience underwriting and servicing the start-up ecosystem. Executive CXO leadership roles at HSBC, Experian, and MBNA (Bank of America).

  • Posted on: 02/07/2022Announcing: Tearsheet’s Bankchain Newsletter

    Very timely! Looking forward to the coverage of crypto at the intersection with the traditional financial ecosystem. In some ways the situation reminds me of the time when "cloud computing" first arrived on the "traditional banking" scene. Most banks had massive investments in large data centers and more than few bank CIO's argued they would never move to the cloud due to regulatory requirements, data privacy, controls, performance, and unique needs. Still, a few brave firms dipped their toes in the water and we all know what happened. Sure, there were a few issues, but when thoughtfully deployed the fundamental benefits carried the day. Here we go again...

  • Posted on: 02/05/2022Announcing: Tearsheet’s Bankchain Newsletter

    Very timely! I’m looking forward to this forum on the intersection of traditional finance and crypto. Oddly, it reminds me of the time when traditional finance first met the “cloud”. Back around 2009 banks were just starting to “dip their toes” into cloud computing. Most large banks had massive dedicated data centers and many observers said banks could never responsibly run in the cloud for a host of reasons - regulation, privacy, costs, and performance. Yet, within a very short period of time “dipping the toes” turned into a massive full-on migration.