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‘From the moment I wake up, I can’t wait to find out what’s happening’: A day in the life of Marcel Van Oost

  • When you’re an investor, advisor, and fintech commentator, networking becomes a full time career.
  • From cycling on his bike, to cycling through investing, advising, and a whole lot of posting, here’s a day in Marcel Van Oost’s life.

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‘From the moment I wake up, I can’t wait to find out what’s happening’: A day in the life of Marcel Van Oost

With financial tech being as hot and fast-paced as it is right now, you never know what path starting a fintech company can take you in. 

For Marcel Van Oost, it took him from founder and CEO of a budding startup, to an angel investor, fintech advisor, and go-to news source for all things payment and bank related.



Van Oost started Netherland-based payment service provider Qantani back in 2012. When in 2017, the business was acquired by Amsterdam-based fintech unicorn Mollie, Van Oost saw this as a good opportunity to move on and turn his focus to fintech and not just payments alone. 

Van Oost discovered that, more than anything else, he loved networking — something that running your own company doesn’t always let you do.

“Networking’s something I always really liked, even before I had my startup,” said Van Oost. “And now, almost four years later, I like it more than I even expected to.”

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