Introducing Tearsheet Careers

  • It's hard to find talent to fill crucial fintech roles.
  • Tearsheet is launching its niche job board for top talent and hiring managers in financial services and fintech.
Introducing Tearsheet Careers

One of the things that’s so powerful about vertical media firms is their ability to service the needs of the community.

Tearsheet’s roots have always been deep in the community. We began as a newsletter and podcast covering technology’s impact on financial services, surveying literally a who’s who of the professionals creating the future of the industry. We’ve hosted webinars and conferences all over the world, covering lots of evolving, hot-button topics. We now have 3 newsletters (Weekly, Lending, and Challenger Banks), 3 podcasts, and have published nearly 250 episodes of our podcast.

The value of appearing on Tearsheet

I’ve heard time and again from the CEOs and senior executives appearing on our pages that the exposure for them and their companies has been extremely valuable. Our articles, newsletters, podcasts and webinars have helped them raise money, do more deals, and get more customers.

Just a few weeks ago, I bumped into the CEO and co-founder of one of Tearsheet’s first sponsors and he told me that though it took two years to close, he eventually landed two massive banking clients that attended our first conference in NYC in 2015. It worked.

This speaks to the quality of the TS audience.

I’ve also heard from senior executives that found life-changing career opportunities after appearing on our podcasts or appearing on our website. That got us thinking about how better to serve our professional community for their career needs.

Tearsheet Careers for fintech professionals

Fintech is a funny thing. Unlike our investor Digiday’s community of media professionals, fintech isn’t technically an industry. It’s a set of technologies, a movement, an ethos that technology can positively impact financial services, making them more accessible, consumer-friendly, and on-par with what we’ve begun to expect from other industries.

Tearsheet is launching a careers site for fintech professionals. Whether you’re a professional working at an incumbent bank in digital or you’re a product guru working for a startup, you’re part of this same community that we’ve been helping define for over 10 years.

Who Tearsheet Careers is for:

  • Talent on the front-end of the business: As our audience skews towards marketing, product, business development, sales, consulting, strategy, venture capital, and private equity professionals, Tearsheet Careers should track the same trajectory and become an invaluable resource for fintech careers.
  • Growing financial services and fintech companies: If you look at the job postings of some of the leaders in digital finance, they currently have hundreds of vacancies of hard-to-fill positions. If you’re in charge of recruiting or a hiring manager, you need the exposure to the greater Tearsheet audience for your top opportunities.

Tearsheet Careers offers both free and paid job listings. Candidates should build a profile and use it to apply for some of the top jobs in the industry (and there are so many juicy ones!).

We’re also changing the game a bit with our new Concierge product. Blending the value in a niche job board with a recruiting service, we offer a new service that guarantees delivery of three to five pre-screened resumes, accelerating and hyper-targeting your recruiting activities. With Concierge, you don’t need to wade through lots of resumes — Tearsheet will do the front-end recruiting work for you.

Tearsheet Careers is a perfect complement to your recruiting and team building activities.

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